Nikki Walter: Creating The Model for a Life of Fitness

Nikki Walter ©Bobby Black

Nikki Walter ©Bobby Black

During these apocalyptic times, where dieting and exercise have been thrown to the wind-along comes savior Nikki Walter.  The 40-year-old fitness enthusiast continues to put those half her age to shame, winning one bodybuilding competition after another.  This Cheryl Tiegs lookalike, with long blond hair and big blue eyes, never stops working-beginning her day at 7 in the morning and concluding in the wee hours of the evening.  Her single-minded focus is bringing health and well-being to others so they can move forward in their lives.  While Nikki’s bright smile and enthusiastic demeanor radiate joy, Walter has experienced a fair amount of grief and tragedy that have helped her assist others with effective coping mechanisms-tools that are invaluable in the current environment.

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Barba ‘Quarancuts’ Virtual Hair School

Xavier Cruz

Xavier Cruz ©Barba

New York Men’s Grooming Boutique Barba has Fashion & Entertainment icon Billy Porter as first graduate of the Barba ‘Quarancuts’ Virtual Hair School

One of the less discussed challenges of the lockdown following the COVID-19 outbreak has been that individuals all over are finding themselves in dire need of a haircut with spouses, partners, parents and children are suddenly being drafted as amateur barbers and stylists – with potentially catastrophic (stylistic) results.

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Elizabeth “Lizzie” Asher launches new virtual charity, The Cura Collective


The parties are on pause but quarantine hasn’t stopped the giving. Young philanthropist, activist and entrepreneur Elizabeth “Lizzie” Asher has announced the launch of her new non-profit The Cura Collective.

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