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Sports Personality & Philanthropist Ann Liguori Celebrated Her 2019 Resident Magazine Cover

Ann Liguori ©Patrick McMullan

Ann Liguori ©Patrick McMullan

Sports Personality and Philanthropist Ann Liguori celebrated her cover of Resident Magazine’s September 2019 issue with Publisher Christopher Pape and Editor-in-Chief Julie Sagoskin. The cover party took place at Golf & Body NYC, 883 6th Avenue, 3rd Floor. in New York City. The evening featured cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and prizes awarded for various virtual golf competitions. There was live music by Dan Liguori, and Ann Liguori’s Hamptons Rope Collection from Dune Jewelry was on display throughout the evening.

Notable attendees included: Ann Liguori, Scott Vallary, Dan Liguori, Neil Tandy, Julie Sagoskin, Christopher Pape, Tamsen Fadal, Maurice DuBois John and Pat Nitti, Steve and Jean Skidgel, Jane Hanson, Cindy Mardenfeld, Rachel Grant, Sacha MacNaughton, Roy Fugazy, LeslieAnne Wade, Marty Hackel, Tom and Colleen Corcoran, Barbara Ricke, Brent and Susan Podlogar, Steven Warshaw, Erik and Habiba Sherman, Frank Darby, Keith Stewart and Gabe Polsky.

Liguori is one of the nation’s top sports radio and television personalities and has distinguished herself in her business as both on-air talent and the owner of her Sport’s Innerview properties.

Liguori is the author of A Passion for Golf: Celebrity Musings About the Game,’ (2007) available on

Liguori, as the Golf & Tennis Correspondent for WFAN Radio and CBS Sports Radio Network, broadcasts each year from The Masters, PGA Championships, US Open Golf, US Open Tennis Championships and covers the Open Championship, PGA Tour and LPGA Tour events, the Ryder Cup and a variety of other sporting events under the umbrella of Ann Liguori Productions.

Ann is one of the original hosts on WFAN-NY, the first woman to host a call-in sports show on the legendary NY metropolitan area radio station, where she hosted a weekly call-in sports show, ‘Hey Liguori, What’s the Story’ from 1987-2008.

Ann’s other ‘firsts’ in the sports broadcasting business include being an original host of her own prime-time series, ‘Conversations with Ann Liguori,’ on The Golf Channel.

As a philanthropist, Ann is a champion of charitable activity through her Ann Liguori Foundation, a 501c3 public charity, with the mission to raise funds and awareness for not-for-profits that work in the field of cancer research, prevention and mentorship.

Next year, Ann will host her 22nd consecutive Ann Liguori Foundation Charity Golf Classic at the Maidstone Club on Thursday, June 25, 2020.

Ann collaborated on a jewelry collection with Dune Jewelry called the Hamptons Rope Collection, hand-crafted, sterling silver or vermeil pieces with sand from your favorite golf course or beach. The collection features a necklace, ear rings, ring, bracelet and cufflinks and newly added pieces including the triple drop ear rings, necklace and triple cuff bracket:

Ann is also a Brand Ambassador for PeakVision Sunglasses.

Sponsored By: Golf & Body NYC, Resident Magazine

Photo Credit: ©Patrick McMullan

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Scott Vallary and Ann Liguori
©Patrick McMullan

Neil Tandy, Ann Liguori, Julie Sagoskin and Christopher Pape ©Patrick McMullan

Pat Nitti, John Nitti and Ann Liguori ©Patrick McMullan

Dan Liguori, Steve Skidgel, Jean Skidgel, Scott Vallary and Ann Liguori ©Patrick McMullan

Ann Liguori and Jane Hanson
©Patrick McMullan

Cindy Mardenfeld and Rachel Grant ©Patrick McMullan

Sacha MacNaughton and Ann Liguori
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Roy Fugazy, LeslieAnne Wade and Marty Hackel ©Patrick McMullan

Tamsen Fadal and Maurice DuBois © Patrick McMullan

Dan Liguori ©Patrick McMullan

Tom Corcoran and Colleen Corcoran
©Patrick McMullan

Barbara Ricke
©Patrick McMullan

Brent Podlogar and Susan Podlogar ©Patrick McMullan

Ann Liguori speech ©Patrick McMullan

Steven Warshaw ©Patrick McMullan

Erik Sherman and Habiba Sherman ©Patrick McMullan

Gabe Polsky and Ann Liguori
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Frank Darby, Marty Hackel and Keith Stewart ©Patrick McMullan

Liliana Munoz, Lauraine Szekely, Vicky Biello
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